About the Crossroads

Because of the rich musical heritage, the Southwest Collection/ Special Collections Library at Texas Tech University established the Crossroads of Texas Music Archive. The archive is taking the initiative to collect, process, and preserve the West Texas legacy.
The region of West Texas is a catalyst for creativity—especially in music. Given the historically scant population of the region, West Texas has produced music and musicians far exceeding what one might expect. The area has produced notable musicians such as Terry Allen, Jimmy Dean, Joe Ely, Butch Hancock, Buddy Holly, Hometown Boys, Waylon Jennings, Natalie Maines, Roy Orbison, Agnes Torres, and others.
Initial plans called for collecting everything pertaining to West Texas music including, but not limited to: recorded music, oral histories, photographs, posters, film, and promotional materials. The archive collects all styles of West Texas music, such as Country, Rock, Tejano, and Gospel. Because of the diversity of creative artistic expression, this collection has recently expanded to encompass all of the arts in the Southwest Region of the United States. We seek out materials pertaining to the lifestyle of artists in this region, particularly those people who utilize multiple sources for inspiration (continuing our Crossroads theme).

Our Areas of Interest
The majority of the Crossroads Archive remains music of the Llano Estacado. But we have recently received collections from local writers, artists, and businessmen. Click here for the subject listings of our collections to see the diversity at the Crossroads.